cocomelon theme


  • 150 Pastel Balloons [50 Pink, 50 Sea Green,20 Peach, 20 Blue and 10 Purple, to make a Garland and from 20 balloons make a standde].
  • 50 Pink Metallic Balloons [to make a garland and from 5 Balloons make a standee]. 
  • 20 Chrome Balloons [10 Blue and 10 Sea Green].
  • "Happy Birthday" Papper Bunting
  • 1 Set of Cocomelon Theme [Theme can be Customized as per your choice].
  • Age Number Foil [32 inch] 
  • 1 Set of Blue Metallic Curtains 
  • Ribbons to hang with balloons.
  • Inclusive of all taxes and conveyance charges.
  • You can add more material in the package by paying separately.
  • Balloons color can be changed as per your choice.
  • Available in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad


A day with your little angel is all about you jamming to cocomelon nursery rhythms. So, celebrate their birthday with cocomelon and his friends and bless them with your warm wishes.

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