Kids Birthday Decoration

Hello Kitty Theme Decoration 13.05% off
Spiderman Birthday Decoration 11.77% off
Jungle Theme For Kids 16.01% off

Jungle Theme For Kids

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Birthday Decoration

Baby Welcome Decoration

Baby Boy Welcome Surprise 8.58% off

Baby Boy Welcome Surprise

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Elegant Baby Boy Welcome Decor 15.8% off
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Anniversary Decoration

Baby Shower Decoration

Baby Shower Wall Backdrop 13.8% off

Baby Shower Wall Backdrop

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Elegant Baby Shower Decor 13.05% off

Elegant Baby Shower Decor

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Oh Baby - Baby Shower Setup 21.44% off

Oh Baby - Baby Shower Setup

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Bachelor Party Decorations

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Bride To Be Arch Decoration

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Groom To Be Decoration

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Balloon Decoration at Home in Kolkata

Balloon decoration in Kolkata


Finding well-established balloon decorations in Kolkata? No worries, as Haplun is now in Kolkata as well. Haplun understands the needs of clients and provides the best one-on-one decorations.


It aims at transforming any space into a place worth remembering. Everyone knows how memories can only stay alive in photos. Photos are one of the best ways to keep reviving memories and living the same events again and again. Photos bring back memories attached to them. The better the photos and videos, the clearer the memory of the events. 


Decoration plays a vital role in bringing photos alive. Thus, Haplun aims at turning a place come alive in pictures with its magical decoration using different elements and not just balloons. 


Get the unique birthday Balloon decoration at home done in Kolkata


Haplun provides balloon decorations services all around India. It extends its services to Kolkata too. If you are in Kolkata can want to celebrate any special day with all its grace, remember that balloon decorations can never go wrong. 


Be it a surprise party or a family function, balloon decorations coupled with multiple other elements make the best way to make any celebration big and memorable. Haplun provides all sorts of balloon decorations for all possible events, surprises or plans. 


Haplun is known for its balloon decorations in Kolkata for birthday parties, baby shower, baby welcome, anniversary parties, kid’s birthday party, theme decorations, bachelors party or any day you wish to make special. 


Throwing a New Year party or a Christmas party? The professional decorators at Haplun can help you make it special through the decorations. No party is complete without a selfie point or a space which acts as an amazing backdrop for taking pictures. Leave it to us to make the place light up with amazing decorations that enhance the look of the pictures much more than ever. 


Got a Mehandi function, Haldi function or any other traditional functions that are an integral part of Indian weddings? Wish to have a special decoration as a backdrop? Haplun also provides special occasion decorations. Just let us know your requirement, and we will accomplish them. 


Make your anniversary special with anniversary decoration


Make your anniversary milestones special with Haplun anniversary decorations. 1st, 5th, or 50th anniversary, Haplun aims at keeping the memories of special milestones alive. 


You can take the services of Haplun to surprise your loved ones in different ways. You can get a room decorated, a terrace decoration, a car dikki decoration, or any decoration of your choice. Haplun also gives its customers the freedom to customize their decorations by adding new elements of their choice. 


Get anniversary decorations in Kolkata from Haplun now. From theme decoration, cabana decoration to any decoration, Haplun does its best to make it unique with metallic balloons, pastel-coloured balloons, sequins, ribbons and other elements. 


Baby welcome decoration in Kolkata


Welcoming a little princess or little bundle of joy in your home? Make it special by getting a baby welcome decoration. Be it at the baby shower or the day when both parents return back home after delivery, baby welcome decoration is a must to make the event memorable. 


Haplun provides dedicated baby welcome home decorations in Kolkata for both baby boys and baby girls. Pink for girls, blue for boys, or anything of your choice, Haplun does it all. Visit our site and see the real images of baby welcome decorations done by us. Starting at a very minimal rate of INR 1200, Haplun is known for unique and out-of-the-box balloon decorations. 


Bored with the same usual decorations? We got you covered with our eye-pleasing and eye-catching decorations. Our half-circle arc welcome baby decorations are the best sellers that make everything look so much feasty and better. 


In a half arc balloon decoration, Haplun uses the quality of balloons of your choice closely clustered in the shape of U or C as per the requirement. The close assortment of balloons provides the best look. Filled in with different elements like stars, moon, butterflies, baby body props, and a welcome baby paper banner to add to the aesthetics. 


The more balloons, the better the decoration looks. If you do not want to compromise with the decoration looks, we suggest arch decor of pastel color balloons. 


Pastel color balloons provide the best sober and elegant look to the decoration. In baby welcome decoration, Haplun uses only the best colours like light pastel blue, dark pastel blue, white, blue polka dot balloons, and light pink pastel balloons. 


Our top decorations include at least 150 to 200 balloons to provide the look we love the most. 


Why Haplun?


Haplun has been in the decoration business for a few years now. In our journey, we have only tried to perform our best with each passing day. Keeping this in mind, we have expanded our services starting from Delhi NCR to Bangalore, Jaipur to Kolkata. Across the length and breadth of India, we aim to extend our quality services, only made possible with the encouragement provided by our happy clients. 


Choose us because:


•    We provide the best collection of unique balloon decorations for all events 
•    We provide instant service, emergency services, and same-day services (if possible) depending on our client’s requirements
•    We provide round-the-clock customer support through WhatsApp, calls, and our website. 
•    We do not make false promises. 
•    We initiate secure payment through our website through all the latest payment methods like UPI, PayTM, and credit cards at the client’s convenience. 
•    You can choose from a number of our decorations or get customized decorations. 
•    From marquee decoration, garland decoration, arch decoration, sequin decoration, and ring setup to other premium decorations, Haplun knows it all. 


We are happy to announce we have opened our doors for the customers of Kolkata too. If you are in Kolkata and looking for a well-established balloon decoration in your city, contact Haplun with no hesitation. Our customer support will guide you and solve all your queries. We serve multiple areas of Kolkata, from South Kolkata to Newtown. 

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