boss baby theme


  • 200 Metallic Balloons [50 Black, 50 Blue, 50 White and 50 Golden].
  • "Happy Birthday" Paper Bunting
  • Age Number Foil [32 inch]
  • Name Letter Foil  [5-6 Alphabets Only]
  • 1 Set of Boss Baby Theme [Theme can be customized as per your chice].
  • 1 Set of Golden Metallic Curtains.
  • Ribbons to hang with balloons.
  • Inclusive of all taxes and conveyance charges.
  • You can add more material in the package by paying separately.
  • Balloons color can be changed as per your choice.
  • Available in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad


Here is the boss of everyone!!! He is taking over the houses. He is coming to your house now to taking over, decorate your house with this amazing theme of baby boss and make it memorable for your birthday boy/girl.

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