Why Balloons Are Used For Birthdays?

Ever wondered why balloons are an integral part of birthday celebrations? When you picture a birthday celebration, you picture cakes, gifts, and balloons. 

We have been using balloons on birthdays since time immemorial. Where does this tradition come from? How did it all start? Let’s learn about the quick history of balloons and their link with balloon decoration.

The original purpose of balloons

Were balloons invented for the sole purpose of using them on birthdays? Or were they made with a different objective? 

In the beginning, balloons were not meant for celebrations. They were used for conducting science experiments and for transportation purposes. 

The balloon was a rubber balloon invented by Micheal Faraday in 1824. He invented him for his science experiments. Do you know how he came up with inventing a balloon? He actually took two sheets of rubber and sealed them at the edges. When filled with hydrogen, he watched them rise higher. But on the way, they threw out hydrogen quite faster. Thus, the higher they go up, the faster they throw out hydrogen. 

Thomas Hancock was another scientist who was linked with balloon making kit. Thereafter, British entrepreneurs were known for making stronger balloons out of more vulcanized elastic rubber. Thereafter, the balloon started gathering attention much faster.

There were several experiments thereafter on their uses and shapes. 

How do they become a part of the celebration?

Slowly and gradually, they became part of the celebration and used to be a part of birthday parties quite often. No specific highlight focuses on how they become a part of the celebration, but using balloons for celebration is not limited to a specific country. 

People all over the world use balloons for celebrations. 

They were predominantly used because they are colorful, a great attraction for kids, and affordable. The basic technology used in making balloons is still the same. 
Though their use has increased tremendously with the discovery of special balloon decorations. Moreover, there are different sorts of balloons available now. Foil balloons, metallic balloons, latex balloons, chrome balloons, and helium balloons, to name a few. 

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be creatively twisted and arranged in bunches. Balloons are not just limited to birthday parties now. Their use has become versatile and can be used in all celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries, bachelorettes to baby showers, and more. 

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