Why Are Balloons Important For Birthday Parties?

A few decades back, birthdays used to have a strong connection with balloons and still have but in a different way. They used to go hand in hand, and one wasn’t talked about without the mention of another. Balloons are an indispensable part of birthday parties, be it 30 years ago or now. The only change is the type of balloons used and how they are used.

For millennials, balloons at birthday parties mean one big balloon attached to the base of the fan and filled with toffees. While the present generation linked balloons only with balloon decoration. Like a huge assortment of balloons used as the backdrop for taking selfies.

Reasons balloons are important for birthday parties

No matter what comes to you when you see balloons, birthdays can never be complete sans them, no matter how old you are. There are various reasons why balloons are special for birthday parties:

1. Balloons are an instant source of joy

See a kid with a balloon, and you will never disagree. A balloon, an Italian word meaning large ball, was invented in 1824. They have been used for birthdays for a very long time. The way they are shaped and inflated has a mindful impact on kids to adults.

Birthdays without balloons are like a heart without a soul. The existence of one is incomplete without the other. Do you find a birthday party worth it with no balloons? There is no reason to deprive any birthday party of balloons. They bring instant joy to everyone and add a feeling of celebration to the ambiance.

2. Fits every occasion

Balloons are important for birthday parties and every other event now, making them a versatile decoration medium. Now instead of using paper banners to write happy birthday, you can use alphabet balloons to fill in the area. Sometimes that’s enough for a basic celebration.

With various balloons available, it has become possible to use them for all kinds of parties, be they for adults or kids.

3. Safe to use

Balloons are comparatively safer to use than other decorations. Metallic balloons are the safest balloons. You should not use helium balloons for birthday decorations at home. 
Besides these, all kinds of balloons, including foil, chrome to latex balloons, are safe to use and last longer. Foil balloons can even last longer for more than 24 hours. 
In balloon decoration, as rarely any balloon is kept loose (depending on the type of decoration), it’s safer to have them around kids.

4. Leaves no mess behind

Balloons leave no mess behind after the party is over. All deflated balloons can be easily discarded by following the proper safety guidelines. The decorators take away all the rented elements used in the decoration. 

You can ask about the best way to discard your balloons from your decorators to reduce your carbon footprint. Remember that you have discarded them properly and not throwing them away at random places that can cause a choking hazard to animals.

These days decorators use removable tapes that leave no residue on the walls. Decorators can also manage all the cleaning in case of a large-scale decoration.